2020 Annual Report

Dear Producer is fueled by the producing community – from the producers who share their experiences with transparency, to those who donate money to keep resources flowing, to those who support me in the day-today work. Because you have all contributed to what Dear Producer has become, I wanted to share the Dear Producer 2020 Annual Report with you to show you what we have created together and how you have educate, challenge, and inspire others.     

It’s tempting to want to wash over 2020 for obvious reasons. But it is important not to; This past year has been both too much and not enough. It’s in these storms and complicated areas, though, that change can actually take place. And we need it to.

When I started Dear Producer in 2018, I knew independent film was in trouble. 2020 year brought all of it closer, hopefully close enough that no one can ignore it any longer.

We don’t want to go back to the way things were — it wasn’t working. I want this report to act as a reminder of that as we move into a new way forward. We shouldn’t be grasping on tight in the hopes that ‘when this is all over’ we will be able to resume business as usual. Business as usual was kind of terrible. What did emerge from this past year is the strength of our community. You showed up. Even when tired of Zooms. Even when tired of not knowing what tomorrow will bring. You kept going. And that keeps me going.

Thank you for helping to build Dear Producer into a one-of-a-kind resource for filmmakers. 

I’ve shared a few snapshots of the annual report below. Click HERE to read the full report. 

Rebecca Green
Dear Producer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief