While the resources to make a film have become more accessible and cheaper, the independent film market has gotten more competitive (there were over 13,000 films submitted to Sundance in 2018), making it harder than ever to sustain a career as a filmmaker.

Many filmmakers take the ‘let me just get the film in the can and then I’ll figure the rest out later’ approach, but in order for your film to find an audience and be profitable, you must build it properly from the ground up.

But not everyone has access to a mentor or more experienced peers to turn to for advice, which is why Rebecca Green, Editor-in-Chief of Dear Producer, is expanding her work to include consulting services.

Rebecca’s one-on-one consulting service is tailored to your specific needs as a producer and the challenges of your particular project.

Topics can include (but are not limited to) script development, learning how to communicate notes to your writer, strategizing a finance plan, building pitch documents and business plans, determining your production budget, communicating with financiers, the producer/director relationship, navigating the film festival circuit, hiring sales agents, the constantly changing distribution landscape, and the struggles of career sustainability.

If you’ve read any of Rebecca’s pieces on Dear Producer, you know that she speaks from a place of honesty, she doesn’t sugarcoat the inequities in our business, and she faces challenges head on. Rebecca will bring this style to her consulting conversations and will push you to make smarter decisions and think outside of the ‘this is just how it is’ mentality that we are conditioned to accept. Rebecca will seed new ideas for you to explore and work with you to create solid foundation in which to build your career.

If you are interested in working with Rebecca, send an email introducing yourself and what kind of help you are looking for to

Pricing is a flat rate of $150/hour with the first hour discounted at $100/hour.