Producers in Front of the Camera: EVA KIM & TAMMY SANCHEZ

Eva Kim and Tammy Sanchez, producers of the film MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPERS which premiered at SXSW 2019, discuss how their “indie to the bone” and unconventional approach to producing the film required not only the actors to be improvisational, but also everyone behind the camera, which was a crew of all female production heads.

Eva Kim is a Los Angeles based producer. She has produced over 100 commercial spots for clients ranging from LG and Google to Doritos and Burger King. A long standing production relationship with the team from adult swim on the Cartoon Network lent an extraordinary opportunity to help birth visions of the absurdly creative to truly bizarre into homes across the nation. 

Upon refocusing her efforts to more narrative based projects, she has worked steadily on short-form storytelling for other television and digital platforms, including ABC Freeform and Awesomeness TV, as well as following a deeper desire to continue producing and developing short and feature length films that focus on social impact. Her work can be found across steaming platforms, including amazon prime and Hulu. 

She is currently seeing her latest effort, Mothers Little Helpers, across the festival circuit- while patiently waiting for season 4 of The Expanse to arrive. 

Tammy Sanchez is a director and producer based in Los Angeles that truly believes in reshaping the world through media and taking up space with stories that counter the mainstream narrative. Driven to create content that smashing stereotypes and oppressive power structures, she is committed to true representation and inclusion, top to bottom and in front of and behind the camera. A colorfully visual director, her voice is vibrant, expressive, and subversive, resulting in a unique and intersectional perspective.

Her work has seen premieres at SXSW and Outfest, amongst many other festivals worldwide, and online with Billboard, Afropunk, The Root, and Vice.