Producing the Daily Show with Trevor Noah WEBINAR REPLAY

After more than two years of producing a late night show “from-home,” the team behind THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH returned in front of an in-studio audience in this April. 

In this panel, the showrunner, writers and producers of THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH discuss what it takes to execute a daily late night show that provides crucial commentary on complex social issues including race, equity and social justice––all while deftly balancing humor with advocacy for underrepresented points of view.

Amidst growing global conflict, polarization, and activism against injustice both domestically and globally––all against the backdrop of a world recovering from the impacts of COVID-19––THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH continues to elevate marginalized voices and educate viewers on the current events that shape the world as we know it.


Dan Amira, Head Writer and Producer
Dan Amira is the Emmy-winning Head Writer and a Producer of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Prior to his over seven years at The Daily Show, Amira was a senior editor at New York Magazine online. He has contributed to such outlets as the New York Times Magazine, NPR, Wired, the New Republic, and McSweeney’s.

Max Browning, Supervising Producer
Max Browning is an Emmy-nominated supervising producer on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Starting on the show back in 2007 as an intern, Max currently runs the Deep Dive department, where he and his team use the foundations of journalism and comedy to unpack complex, systemic and often under-covered issues and turn them into poignant, funny segments for the show.

Jen Flanz, Executive Producer, Writer and Showrunner
Jen Flanz is an Executive Producer, Writer and the Showrunner of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. During her 20+ years on the Daily Show team, Flanz has played a significant role in creating content for the show’s linear programming and not-so-linear platforms, including both taped and live election coverage; “Between The Scenes,” the show’s Emmy Award-winning short form series; The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library and its corresponding book; the Heroes of the Freedomsurrection, a pop-up monument exhibit that paid “tribute” to the January 6th insurrectionists; and the ever-growing network of Daily Show branded podcasts. Most recently, Flanz spearheaded the shift from at-home production of The Daily Social Distancing Show amid the Covid pandemic to Paramount headquarters in Times Square; and this spring, Flanz will lead The Daily Show back to its home studio in Hell’s Kitchen, welcoming an in-studio audience for the first time in two years. She has also Executive Produced multiple specials under the Daily Show umbrella, including Desi Lydic: Abroad; Remembering RBG – A Nation Ugly Cries with Desi Lydic; Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse – Into The MAGAverse; and Remotely Educational, the franchise’s first-ever daytime special under Trevor. Flanz was an instrumental figure during the transition of hosts from Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah and the subsequent rebranding of the show. Her producing roles have won her seven Primetime Emmy Awards, three Peabody Awards and a Television Academy Honors Award.

Elise Terrell, Supervising Producer
Elise Terrell is an Emmy Award-nominated Supervising Producer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.  As an integral part of The Daily Show team for nearly 17 years, Elise has held various production and creative management roles throughout her tenure. Her longevity at the show has allowed her to explore the various satirical aspects of changing political, social, and media landscapes over the course of four presidential administrations. She also had an active role in the transition from Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah’s iteration of the program in 2015, a challenging but thrilling endeavor. Currently, Elise jointly manages the team responsible for producing all scripted and unscripted packages on the program, bringing the vision and voice of the show to life through these segments. When she isn’t producing The Daily Show, Elise is busy with other projects, including co-creating original programming with her long- time creative partner and raising a young son with her husband, a fellow TV producer.